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Peter Adams-Shawn - The man behind the lens

The storyteller

I express my creativity through my work as I see it as an extension to my personality. I'm a storyteller who uses pictures instead of words.


Born and raised in Sheffield in the mighty county of Yorkshire in England, I came to Australia originally to play and coach hockey. Australia, as it does for many, captivated me and I ended up staying.

No holding back

When a client commissions me to capture their wedding they get everything that is "me". My creativity, my style and the images I produce are all "me" in a picture format.

Those who have seen me in action over the years know that I have a very distinctive method when it comes to shooting. I've ruined a lot of clothes getting those extra special shots. I climb trees, climb on my car roof (the big one), climb on wheelie bins, scale rock faces, get wet in the ocean, wade in dams, jump in fish ponds, jump in duck ponds, make puddles... and then lie in them, lie in the dirt, roll in the dirt and generally run around all over the place... pretty much anything to get the shot (I've also been burnt putting out a fire!) This is me... this is what I do. Imagine Bear Grylls with a camera (well four actually) and you have a pretty good idea what to expect.

My style

I have a very distinct shooting style. I like to make things up as I go along... it keeps things fresh and most importantly creative. I like to try new concepts knowing that they won't always work, but when they do I think they are well worth it. I highly recommend checking out my "Eyescapes" and "Ringscapes" both have become worldwide phenomenons. But don't take my word for it, read for yourself. Here is just a very small selection of the news articles about my work.

I like to be different

It may or may not come as a surprise to know that I don't follow other photographers in the wedding industry. For my first 3-4 years in business I didn't even know any other photographers. In fact more often than not if someone says a name of a well-known wedding photographer I often respond with "Who?". I don't look at their blogs nor worry about what they are doing. Why? Because I don't want to copy what others do. Copying is the perfect way to lose all creativity and become stale and bored with what you as a photographer are doing.

So what does that all mean?

Put simply "What you see is what you get", or perhaps that should be "What I see is what you get".