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"Creating the Memories" - What happens after the wedding

Backup, backup again, and then backup some more

My day doesn't stop just because I have left the wedding. When I get home I jump straight on the computer to download and backup your photographs. It isn’t the quickest of job as I can have about 50GB to download from my four cameras. My main computer has disk redundancy built in (backup number 1). That night once the files are safely on the computer they are all backed up onto an external hard drive which goes straight into a fire proof safe (backup number 2). Another back up goes onto an external hard drive which goes to an offsite storage location (backup number 3). A final backup goes on to another drive I keep handy in the office (backup number 4). That is five copies of your precious wedding photos!

Sneak peeks (Facebook or website)

Next I start work on your "First Look" sneak peek images, uploading them as soon as I can onto the Memories of Tomorrow Facebook page or the website (password protected).

Online gallery, digital downloads and print shop

After I have culled the photographs (removing shots with closed eyes etc) I then edit them which involve cropping, colour correcting, exposure balancing and quite a few other things before uploading them to your Online Print Shop gallery. This normally is around 2-3 weeks after the wedding (although it does sometimes take a little longer over the holiday season and when I'm travelling). I'll send you the login details to share with your friends and family. If you (or they) want, you can buy prints or download high resolution files through the gallery.

You should backup your memories

Please make sure you back up your photos on to a USB drive or a hard drive, storing your backup in a safe place. Ideally you should make two backups of your photos and store one offsite (a parent's house is good for this).